November 19, 2012

Mangrove Planting in NUKUFETAU island with its youth group

On Wednesday, November 14, 2012, we planted 2060 Mangroves in Nukufetau island where places in the approximately 60km north from the capital Funafuti island with youth group there.
Our Mangrove planting project in Nukufetau Island started in 2011 and planted 1221 Mangroves with primary schoolchildren. They are growing very well because of the good planting site with healthy sand and they grew up in height approximately 50-60cm.
After finishing to plant this time, youth member who we planted with gave us the encouraging impression that they are going to start planting Mangrove by themselves in such as in front of their house, the seaside where they can see the damage from the erosion and so on.

October 22, 2012

KIZUNA Project, 23 Tuvaluan students visit Japan

18th of October, 23 Tuvaluan students left the capital Funafuti to Japan for participating in the KIZUNA(Bonds of Friendship) project which provides fully funded two-week tours in Japan.
This project was announced by the Government of Japan at the Sixth Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting in Okinawa, Japan on this May 26th. The project will give the opportunity for youths from 14 Pacific countries to obtain a perspective into the Japanese way of life and promote the understanding about the recovery efforts after the big earthquake and tsunami that occurred on March 11, 2011.
23 Tuvaluan students will leave Japan on 30th of October.

101st Celebration of the National Day of the Republic of China(Taiwan)

On the 10th of October in 1912, Dr. Sun Wen who is called “Revolutionary Father of China” declared establishment of the Republic of China(Taiwan). In Taiwan, this day is regarded as the first year of the democratic nation. In 2012, they see 101st anniversary come round.
9th of October in 2012, embassy of Taiwan in Tuvalu celebrated 101st anniversary of their National Day at the state-run hotel in capital Funafuti.
In the speech of Larry R.L. Tseng Taiwan Ambassador, he raised many examples about Taiwan economy to add to presence in the global community in these days and expressed the will of thanks to H.E. Prime Minister Willy Telavi and Honorable Minister Apisai Ielemia who expressed the demands for Taiwanese United Nations participation in RIO+20 which was held in Rio, Brazil in this May and also in the United Nations General Assembly held in NY in September. In addition, Ambassador who greets the third year in Tuvalu this year showed the policy to strengthen the friendly relationship between Tuvalu and Taiwan with many cooperation projects underway such as agriculture and aquaculture program, solar power lightening program, Taiwan scholarship, medical support program, and funding of a new Parliament building and so on. He completed the last of the speech by a powerful message as follows, “we also aware that there are still stringent challenges ahead of us, climate change, sea level rising, financial crisis and economic downturn. However, no pain no gain, we are determined to do our best and to find ways to overcome difficulties in order to create a better future for the generations to come!”

October 3, 2012

The 34th Tuvalu independence ceremony

On Saturday, September 29, 2012, the 34th independence ceremony was held in a central gathering hall in capital Funafuti ahead of Independence Day of October 1 two days later. However, we unfortunately had a heavy rain during the ceremony and all the students and police officers who wait for the parade got wet through.
Tuvalu becomes the holiday of the independence anniversary until Tuesday, October 2.

Their Royal Highnesses Prince William and Princess Catherine's visit Tuvalu

On Tuesday, September 18, Their Royal Highnesses Prince William and Princess Catherine visited Tuvalu in a nine-day Diamond Jubilee tour of south-east Asia and the South Pacific. A welcome ceremony was held in a central gathering hall after arrival. After the ceremony, the royals visited NAUTI primary school and University of South Pacific(USP) Tuvalu campus. USP students had a short presentation about the environmental problem in Tuvalu and the measures devised to deal with it which includes TuvaluOverview's Mangrove Planting Project. After that, the royals moved to Vaiaku Lagi Hotel and drunk the coconut juice which was planted by the Queen Elizabeth II in 1982 and enjoyed watching canoe racing there. And visited "Tuvalu VIllage" which was prepared for this memorial day and exhibits each island's local kitchen house. The royals also enjoyed watching Tuvalu local sports "ANO". At the end of first day's program, the royals planted two coconut trees in the front yard of governor general's house to mark visiting Tuvalu.
In the next morning, farewell ceremony was held at the central gathering hall and the royals enjoyed the performance of Tuvaluan traditional dance(FATELE) and received a lot of local handmade gifts such as matts in traditional way to give presents called "ALOFA".
It was historic two days in Tuvalu and its people.

December 30, 2011

New AM Radio Station in Funafu

9th of November 2011, new AM radio station completed its construction under the support from Japanese government and they started their broadcasting experimentally.
In Tuvalu, the radio is the only media and it broadcasts many kinds of information that are closely related to people’s everyday life. Until now, FM broadcasting had been used in Tuvalu. However, there were some islands where people there could not listen the radio properly because of the remoteness of those islands. Thanks to the new AM radio station, people in all the 9 islands can get the information from the radio without hindrance.
Ms. Afasene Pese, Program Producer of Tuvalu Radio, said;
“Now, all the stuffs in Tuvalu Radio are very happy to work here because all the rooms and radio equipments are very new. At the studio in our radio station before, we did not have a good soundproofing. That is why, sometimes people can hear the noise from outside such as dog’s barking, the sound of rain and people’s shouting. While our new radio studio has a high quality soundproofing. We cannot hear any sound from outside.
Though the radio is the only media in Tuvalu, there were some islands they cannot get our broadcasting because of their remoteness. We got a lot of their complains in those days. Now, all the people in Tuvalu can get valuable information for their life with 100% satisfaction. We get a lot of happy voice from them. We never experienced such a wonderful thing before. We deeply appreciate to the people in Japan.
FAKAFETAI LASI LASI (Thank you very much)”

December 29, 2011

Director of Department of Environment commented on COP17

First of all, I would like developed countries to make sure that Kyoto Protocol is the final fort for the small countries such as my country, Tuvalu. Small countries and NGOs have appealed the importance of continuation of 2nd term of Kyoto Protocol against some of the developed countries that try to make new framework. It looks like they are trying to gain time. This time, at COP17, continuation of Kyoto Protocol from 2013 was determined and it should be recognized. However, some big countries, such as Japan, seems like they do not give up to make a new framework yet and also COP have to see what mood big countries are in. Therefore, we could not work out the details of the most of the agreement such as “Green Climate Fund” which we are looking forward to. A rise 1.5℃ in the temperature has a possibilities to make terrible problems to my country and its people. We do not have big industries or resources in my country such as developed countries, but all the countries have to negotiate with removing the economic superiority or inferiority to fight against this global difficulty.
We continue to appeal that Kyoto Protocol is the best and last way to protect us and we do not have to waste our time because Climate Change is happening now. We expect that we will have more effective progress at COP18 at Doha, Qatar.
In conclusion, I should like to show our deeply grateful to the host country for their expediting the proceedings with standing by the weak and also the volunteers for their hard work.