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July 21, 2006

The 6th Eco study tour


The group of the 6th of the study tour from Japan that NGO Tuvalu Overview sponsored visited ?Tuvalu. They participate in various programs and workshops while staying of the 5days, experience the culture and the lifestyle etc. of Tuvalu, and study the damage site of the sea level rising.

Fatele by the youth of Niutao was the one with a deep impression in programs. The team of eight people returned home on the Brasilia of 20/JUL/2006 with the deep gratitude for Tuvalu people.

NGO Tuvalu Overview acts on the purpose the educational campaign to Japan. The activity of NGO will be enhanced this year. Representative of NGO Shuuichi Endou will returns to Tuvalu with the specialist of the mangrove in this September and be going to investigate the possibility of the mangrove afforestation in the Funafuti atoll.