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August 16, 2006

Apisai Ielemia New Prime Minister

Apisai Ielemia of Vaitupu has been selected the as the new Prime Minister of Tuvalu, according to news sources on the capital, Funafuti. The general election was held on August 3rd, and today the elected members formed the government.?Preliminary reports indicate the rest of Ielemia's government is as follows:?House Speaker: Kamuta Latasi (Funafuti)?Home Affairs: Willy Telavi (Nanumea)?Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Industries: Lotoala Metia (Nukufetau)?Communications/Works: Taukelina Finikaso (Vaitupu)?Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources: Tavau Teii (Niutao)?Minister of Education and Sports, and Health: Iakoba Italeli (Nui)?Chairman of the Caucus: Sir. Tomu Malaefono Sione (Niutao)

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TMC have been a financial difficulty. More ever communication circumstances of Funafuti are very unstable. We don't have lease line to internet. We cannot have even a fax. But We will try to send news on prompt. Please understand this difficult situation for a while.

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August 12, 2006

Minister of the Environment of Japan visits Fiji and Tuvalu

According to a press release issued from the Japanese embassy in Fiji. Minister of the Environment, the Honorable Yuriko Koike (Ms.), will visit Fiji and Tuvalu as a special envoy of the Prime Minister of Japan. Minister Koike was appointed as Minister of the Environment and Minister in charge of global environmental problems in September 2003. Since then, Minister Koike has actively engaged herself in tackling global environment problems.

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August 4, 2006

New members to the House of Tuvalu Parliament

The new members to Tuvalu's House of Parliament are:
?from Nanumea - Willy Telavi and Maatia Toafa; Nanumaga - Dr. Falesa Pitoi and Otinielu Tauteleimalae Tausi; Niutao - Sir Toomu Sione and Tavau Teii; Nui - Iakoba Italeli Taeia and Seluka Seluka; Vaitupu - Apisai Ielemia and Taukelina Finikaso; Nukufetau - Lotoala Metia and Elisala Pita; Funafuti - Kamuta Latasi and Kausea Natano; and for Nukulaelae - Namoliki Sualiki Neemia.


The people of Tuvalu have selected their new members to Parliament.The final results were in around 3 O'clock this morning.?Seven from the previous government remain as MPS after this election, and the rest of the 15 members are newcomers.Four of Matia Toafa's Cabinet members have been ousted and all three backbenches. He is left with Otinielu Tauteleimalae Tausi but both of them came second in the respective constituencies.?Lotoala Metia Nukufetau's newest MP gained the highest number of votes at 507 from the 923 registered voters.?Acting Attorney General Ese Apinelu stated that under Section 63 of the Tuvalu Constitution the new government will be formed as soon as it is practicable after the general election whereby the Governor General will call a meeting with all MPs for the purpose of selecting a Prime Minister.


For Funafuti?
Old Funafuti representatives are still representing the island constituency. Kamuta Latasi won with 352 votes, Kausea Natano with 340, Emily Koepke Lauti had 39 while Iosefa Elisala had 37 votes


Four candidates were registered for the island of Niutao. They are Toomu Sione, Iopu Iupasi Kaisala, Samuelu Penitala Teo and Tavau Teii. Toomu Sione managed to get 416 votes, Tavau Teii got 373, Samuelu Penitala Teo got 318 and Iopu Iupasi Kaisala got 189.?Niutao's new Members to Parliament are Toomu Sione and Tavau Teii.


For Vaitupu?
Apisai Ielemia is the winner from the Vaitupu constituency with a strong 522 votes. Taukelina Finikaso came second with 407 votes. They are now Vaitupu's new Members to Parliament. ?Other candidates for this constituency are Matanle Iosefa with 354 votes, Leti Pelesala with 247 and Eti Esela with 168 votes.


There's a new MP in the Nukufetau constituency. ?Three candidates namely Elisala Pita, Lotoala Metia and Saufatu Sopoaga were being voted for. Newcomer Lotoala Metia soared with a massive 507 votes making him the winner, Elisala Pita came second with 430 votes while Saufatu Sopoaga was third with 414 votes.?Lotoala Metia and Elisala Pita are now Nukufetau's new Members to Parliament.

August 3, 2006


For Nui?
Four candidates were vying for the two seats for the island of Nui. Former Attorney General Iakoba Italeli Taeia got 281 votes, Seluka Seluka came second with 220 votes making them Nui’s new representatives to the House of Parliament.?The other two candidates Taom Tanukale had 212 votes while Paakai Asaia had 192 votes.

For Nanumaga?
For the island of Nanumaga three candidates were being voted for namely Otinielu Tauteleimalae Tausi, Dr. Falesa Pitoi and Halo Tuavai .?Dr. Falesa Pitoi came out the winner with 335 votes, Oitnielu Tauteleimalae Tausi came second with 300 votes and Halo Tuavai had 222 votes.?Nanumaga’s new representatives the House of Parliament are now Dr. Falesa Pitoi and Otinielu Tauteleimalae Tausi.


Around 8 o’clock tonight, Supervisor of Elections Panapasi Nelesone announced the results for the two islands of Nanumea and Nukulaelae.

For Nanumea
?Five candidates were vying for the two seats for the island of Nanumea. Willy Telavi came out the first with 426 votes. Maatia Toafa had 397. Kokea Malua had 298, Annie Homasi 238 while Lagitupu Tuilimu had 36. New representatives to the House of Parliament from Nanumea are Willy Telavi and Maatia Toafa.?Nanumea had 908 registered voters.

For Nukulaelae
?For Nukulaelae Namoliki Sualiki Neemia beat the three other candidates with 109 votes. Bikenibeu Paeniu had 65; his nephew Vaefitu Luke Paeniu had 64 while his brother Iefata Paeniu had 21 votes.?Hence Namoliki Sualiki Neemia is now Nukulaelae’s representative to the House of Parliament.