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October 27, 2006

New disciplinary policy for Motufoua High School

The Ministry of Education has now implemented its new disciplinary policy for Motufoua High School.

According to the Permanent Secretary of Education Mr Solofa Uota, the Ministry has agreed that upper form students of Motufoua (i.e 4, 5 and 6) who are expelled in the third term of the study year are allowed to sit the external examination at the end of that year.

Uota says this only applies to students who are expelled in their mid third term but not other two terms of the school year.

Sixth form students who manage to pass their Pacific Secondary School Certificate PSSC will go on to the Augmented Foundation Programme, funded by the government of Tuvalu. Fourth and fifth formers who pass their end of year exams will not be accepted back to Motufoua, on the reasons that they might influence other students with their behaviour and also it might not be fair for students who have kept the school rules throughout the year if they go back and be treated like any other student.

Reports from Mr. Uota say that currently the school does not allow expelled students to sit their end of year external exams.

He adds that this year two students have been expelled from School this term due to misconduct but they are allowed to sit the External examination in November but in a different venue.


Te faifaiga fou i te fakasalaga o tamaliki i akoga a te malo

Te fakatea o tamaliki o vasega maluga I Motufoua ko te kilooga maluga a te Minisituli o akoga mo te tausaga tenei.

Te failautusi tumau o te Minisituli ? Solofa Uota, ne fai mai ki tala o Tuvalu, me kooti ne iku i te Minisituli ko tamaliki o vasega maluga pela mo te 4, 5 mo te ono o Motufoua kola e fakatea i te toe vaituaga o te tausaga, ka mafai o suke i te fakaotiga o te tausaga, mo te mafaufauga i ei ke fakaaoga a te taimi kooti ne tauloto i ei a te tamaliki I loto I vaituaga o te tausaga.

I ana pati i te faifaiga tenei ka fai fua ki tamaliki kola e fakatea i te toe vaituaga o te tausaga, kae ka se suke tasi mo tamaliki I loto i te akoga.

Ne fai mai foki ne Solofa me kafai te tamaliki tela e fakatea i te toe vaituaga o tena vasega ono maluga kae suke i te fakaotiga kae manuia tena sukega, ka talia ke ulu ki te polokalame ko te AFP io me ko te vasega fitu maluga i te maga ote akoga maluga I Tuvalu nei kae togi ne te maloo.

Te tamaliki tela e fakatea I te vasega 4 me ko te 5 maluga kae manuia tena sukega i te fakaotiga ka se talia ke fakasoko ana akoakoga I Motufoua, ke fakaseai a fakalavelave ki te pisi o amioga a latou ki tamaliki kae maise foki ko te se lei ki tamaliki kola ne tausi ki tulafono o te akoga i vaituaga katoa.

Te faifaiga tenei ka fakagalue i te tausaga tenei, I pati a Solofa.