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March 15, 2007

Volleyball tournament for 2007 start

By Silafaga Lalua

The first volleyball tournament of the year was officially opened on Tuesday night at the Kausakiga Courts.

Teams assembled in the court in their different uniforms, and president of Tuvalu Association of Sports TAS, Hon Kausea Natano delivered a speech to mark the opening of the game.

In his speech, he stated that all teams should play to the best of their ability so to win Tuvalu a medal, or to display a very high standard of sportsmanship.

This was not only directed at the volleyball teams, but to all sports teams representing the country at the upcoming Pacific Games.

He urged the players not to be in the teams, just for the sake of going overseas, but to be there with a desire to win Tuvalu a medal, unlike what happened at the South Pacific Games four years ago.

The game started at 9 o'cock on Tuesday night and lasted until very late. Details of the individual games will be heard tomorrow.