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July 31, 2007

Summary of the fifth day of Parliament

By Silafaga Lalua

The fourth day of Parliament today brought forth many lively debates from representatives to the house of Parliament on the 17 questions raised as well as the Bills that were moved in their different stages today.

Questions included what system the government employs for its Acting Minister when more than one minister travels overseas to which the Prime Minister replied that he only looks after one ministry; and a question that asked if the government has looked for new shipping agencies that would recruit Tuvalu seafarers to which Prime Minister replied positively.

2 Bills were also presented for their first reading namely the Citizenship Amendment Bill and the Merchant shipping Amendment Bill 2007 and were both passed.

The Merchant shipping Amendment Bill 2007 is an urgent Bill and had its Certificate of Urgency submitted in today’s session.

The Constitution of Tuvalu Amendment Bill 2006 was also read a second time and passed, while the Incorporation of the Non-Government Organisations Bill 2006 was read a third and final time and was passed, and has now become an Act.

Today’s session finished at four this afternoon making it the quickest session so far in this parliament sitting.

Tommorow will be a private members’ day where they will move 10 motions.

Tomorrow’s session will begin at 10 o’clock in the morning.