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August 31, 2007

Happy after the match, can you spot the confidence in the eyes for the next game?

Watch out PNG!

On the court

Our very own girls in Apia!

Women's Volleyball match with Papua New Guinea results

Thursday August 30th
Venue - National University of Samoa
PNG - 3 sets Tuvalu - 1 set
Set 1 - PNG - 25 Tuvalu - 23
Set 2 - PNG - 25 Tuvalu - 17
Set 3 - PNG - 13 Tuvalu - 25
Set 4 - PNG - 25 Tuvalu - 16

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Tuvalu vs Tahiti - Wednesday August 29, 2007

Man of the match - Viliamu Sekifu

Critical moment but Jay was there

Three to one?...bad boys bad!

How could Tahiti score a goal with such a defence from the Tuvalu side?

Imo giving the Tahitian pressure

Jay Timo with eyes and hands from above!

Soccer boys a match for ther Tahitians

By Silafaga Lalua

It was just him and the Tahiti goal keeper in the first eight minutes of the game, at a penalty kick but team captain Petio Semaia kicked and missed, putting the team under pressure the whole first half of the match.

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August 30, 2007

Tuvalu vs New Caledonia


Soccer boys in battle against the New Caledonians


Touch team out of the game

By Silafaga Lalua

Boys in the Tuvalu touch squad have left the competition in high spirits.

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August 29, 2007


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Joe Vueti - the champion

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Team Tuvalu could not leave him alone after the competition

The lift that got him the silver medal

Smiling under pressure - a good sign -his 130kg c& j lift

Ioane Haumili and Lapua Lapua with Logona Esau

Logona Esau showing off his medal outside the weightlifting complex

Tuvalu's very own silver medalist

View image

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Logona - Tuvalu's silver boy

By Silafaga Lalua

At the Faleata Sporting complex a few hours ago Logona Esau made every Tuvaluan present at the weightlifting arena, and of course those watching television proud of his performance against the best weightlifters in the region which won him a medal.

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August 28, 2007

Touch in action!

View image

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Touch not doing bad

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Three sports ready to do battle today

By Silafaga Lalua

Soccer, tennis and touch rugby teams are all ready to face their opponents today

Simon Manuella, one of Team Tuvalu’s youngest players is playing first today against Vanuatu’s number one in tennis, with Moresi Molotii, the youngest player playing second.

The other two players who are also officials for the sport, coach Iakopo Molotii will team up with Simon next in a double and team manager Opetaia Simati will play ater on.

Coach Molotii said last night Vanuatu team is one of the best tennis players in the region but they have strategies under their sleeves that give them confidence they can face them and last night they could not wait to get on the court and face their opponents.

As witnessed back home Tuvalu touch squad has been training endlessly and has instilled hope in Tuvaluans that they could do very well this SPG.

The squad had not stopped training since arrival at Apia and each player has an air of confidence around them which also helps every member of Team Tuvalu in Apia.

The squad is playing this morning as well and Tuvalu news will update you on its performance later on today.

Head coach for Tuvalu soccer team Toakai Puapua last night said the players and officials had a hard day yesterday after their disappointing performance against Fiji team on Saturday night but brought it down to nervousness, effect of boat travel and a weak backline who he said were very slow to carry out their responsibility on the field.

Nevertheless he said they are ready to tackle their next opponent with a totally different approach which he thinks is going to be good.


August 26, 2007

ALPHA sponsors SPG news 2007

The Alpha Pacific Navigation Limited APNL is the proud sponsor of the XIIIth South Pacific Games news this two weeks.

Tuvalu-news.tv and Tuvalu Media Corporation would like to commend ALPHA for sponsoring their representative at the Games in Apia, Samoa, and allowing Tuvaluans in the country and abroad - including our treasured seafarers! be updated with news of the games and especially of how our Team Tuvalu athletes are doing.

Any comments and encouragement wishes can all be directed to reporter Silafag Lalua at silafong@yahoo.co.nz.

Logona Esau - Team Tuvalu flag bearer tonight

By Silafaga Lalua

Two years in the Oceania Weightlifting Institute in Samoa has given Logona Esau the chance to compete against some of the world’s best weightlifters and earn his way to be Team Tuvalu’s flag bearer at the Games opening ceremony tonight.

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Logona Esau, flag bearer for Team Tuvalu at the grand opening tonight - confident he will achieve a medal for Tuvalu

Logona Esau ka ave ne ia te fuka o Tuvalu

Ne tusi ne Silafaga Lalua

Te tamataene sausau mea mafa o Tuvalu ko Logona Esau ko tai katoa nei te lua o tausaga tena taulotoga I te akoga sausau mea mafa I Apia Samoa kae fepakipaki foki mo tino sausau mea mafa mai fenua o te lalolagi.

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August 25, 2007

XIIIth South Pacific Games Samoa news

Talofa readers....It's been a while and we do apologise for the inconsistence. Nevertheless our Tuvalu media reporter Siafaga Lalua is in Apia and will update you on news from the XIIIth South Pacific Games in Apia, Samoa.

You readers out there - if you have specific things you want to know from our athletes in Apia please send all 'requests' to silafong@yahoo.co.nz.

We're trying to create a photo gallery where you can see everything that our athletes are doing in Apia, from training to competing!

Happy reading!

Paeniu perfecting his secret soccer moves at Falefitu field yesterday under supervision of coach Keigo Sugitani

Women volleybal players at practise yesterday evening at Falefitu - Tuvalu village compound

The South Pacific Games in Samoa

By Silafaga Lalua

The 45 year old South Pacific Games is all set to get underway tomorrow as teams from the whole 22 countries participating this time gather in Apia Samoa for the thirteenth SPG Games.

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Soccer opening the games

By Silafaga Lalua

Tuvalu soccer team is all set for the first game for Team Tuvalu tomorrow Saturday 25th August 2007.

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Futipoolo ko tala fepakiga

Ne tusi ne Silafaga Lalua

Te tiimu futipoolo a Tuvalu ko toka nei mo te fepakiga loa muamua mo Tuvalu I te faiga tafaoga tenei I Samoa.

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Tuvalu flag raised - witnessed by Team Tuvalu

By Silafaga Lalua

Flag raising, ‘Ulufonu’ and gift exchange the traditional way was experienced yesterday morning by Team Tuvalu at Samoa College compound in a function to raise the nation’s flag.

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Tiimu tafao - sisi te fuka o Tuvalu

Ne tusi ne Silafaga Lalua

I te taeao o tea so anafi Aso Faa po 23 o Aokuso ne paa I ei te ulufonu mai te tiimu tafao a Tuvalu I Samoa I te faigamea ne fai I te fakai o te Kolisi o Samoa mo te sisiiga o te fuka o Tuvalu.

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