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August 25, 2007

Soccer opening the games

By Silafaga Lalua

Tuvalu soccer team is all set for the first game for Team Tuvalu tomorrow Saturday 25th August 2007.

Team head coach Toakai Puapua spoke to Tuvalu media’s Silafaga Lalua after training last night and said they are ready to face Fiji tomorrow and they have worked hard to bring back the athletes’ fitness these last two days.

He said the four day trip on the boat from Tuvalu took a lot of power from the athletes so they were advised to rest a lot since they got to Samoa on Wednesday morning and only started their real training yesterday.

When asked if he is confident of his team facing Fiji tomorrow, Puapua said the boys know the challenge they are up against since Fiji as the SPG gold medalist for the game, is surely geared to maintain its position so they worked hard on what they see as their opponent’s weaknesses.

Team manager Maimoaga Mesako said the exposure trip to Fiji last month has helped a lot and the players’ performance has increased a great deal since then.

Puapua humbly asks families, friends of soccer players and the nation as a whole to remember the team in their prayers as they play the first game for Team Tuvalu tomorrow.