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May 18, 2011

the 150th anniversary of the introduction of Christianity in Nukulaelae

10th of May 1861, the first missionary arrived in Nukulaelae island which places to the south of Tuvalu. 10th of May 2011, 150 years have passed since then and they celebrated the 150th anniversary of the introduction of Christianity.
Not only Nukulaelae, but also all other islands of Tuvalu celebrated this day in each island because the missionary went to there as well after the propagation in Nukulaelae. But Nukulaelae where the first missionary came held the biggest celebration.
The celebration had been held for 3 days from 9th of May to 11th of May. Participants enjoyed local food and dance every day. The program for last day was visiting islets where the missionary arrived and the religious ritual was performed in those days. All the participants traced the history of 150 years and also enjoyed beautiful Nukulaelae lagoon.