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June 21, 2011

The Organization of the Local Newspaper company “Tala o Matagi"

Local Newspaper company “Tala o Matagi (Story of the Wind)” was established anew in Tuvalu by Mr. Enele Sopoaga and other 2 members. Now they are providing all necessary equipments to start.
Mr. Enele Sopoaga, the representative of the company, said;
“All of the people in Tuvalu, they fairly have the rights to know the reliable information about the social topics such as politics, the international situation, education and so on. We established newspaper company “Tala o Matagi” to give and protect this rights for the people and to help their life’s betterment by having high quality knowledge. We do not have to share the important information among a few power holders. We have to share information with the general public for the nation’s better development, because they have the rights to know the truth.
We are still discussing about specific number of copies and frequency, but we plan to start from 100~200 copies of a few pages weekly newsletter written in both languages, English and Tuvaluan. In the future, we would like to expand them. We are making all possible haste to go into action and welcoming all the cooperators to support the equipment investment.”
He emphasized the word “People’s right to know the truth” many times during the interview.