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July 22, 2011

the Rev. Filoimea Telito passed away

11th of July 2011, the Rev. Filoimea Telito, president of EKT(Ekalesia Klisiano Tuvalu), passed away on account of a heart attack. On 14th, his funeral was hold in capital Funafuti.
The Rev. Filoimea Telito (66) is a pastor, and also he devoted himself as a principal of Motufoua secondary school in Vaitupu island, Governor General of Tuvalu and so on. He had been held in high esteem from the people in Tuvalu not only because of his splendid career but also his warm personality. He had worked hard for his country as president of EKT until the end of his life. That is why, a lot of people attended at his funeral not only his family but also his friends, people who has high regard for him and so on. Tuvalu government also stopped their activities on that day and officers attended at the funeral. All the police member also attended and supported its progress. Whole of Tuvalu mourned over the loss of him.