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December 30, 2011

New AM Radio Station in Funafu

9th of November 2011, new AM radio station completed its construction under the support from Japanese government and they started their broadcasting experimentally.
In Tuvalu, the radio is the only media and it broadcasts many kinds of information that are closely related to people’s everyday life. Until now, FM broadcasting had been used in Tuvalu. However, there were some islands where people there could not listen the radio properly because of the remoteness of those islands. Thanks to the new AM radio station, people in all the 9 islands can get the information from the radio without hindrance.
Ms. Afasene Pese, Program Producer of Tuvalu Radio, said;
“Now, all the stuffs in Tuvalu Radio are very happy to work here because all the rooms and radio equipments are very new. At the studio in our radio station before, we did not have a good soundproofing. That is why, sometimes people can hear the noise from outside such as dog’s barking, the sound of rain and people’s shouting. While our new radio studio has a high quality soundproofing. We cannot hear any sound from outside.
Though the radio is the only media in Tuvalu, there were some islands they cannot get our broadcasting because of their remoteness. We got a lot of their complains in those days. Now, all the people in Tuvalu can get valuable information for their life with 100% satisfaction. We get a lot of happy voice from them. We never experienced such a wonderful thing before. We deeply appreciate to the people in Japan.
FAKAFETAI LASI LASI (Thank you very much)”