Silafaga Lalua (Fong)

I take charge of this news blog site.

Dear readers,

There has been a fatal interference with the comment system of this website, therefore not enabling readers to comment. apologizes for this problem and also regrets any inconvenience this may cause. We hope we can repair the system in future.


Ki tino faitau katoa

Ko fakailoa atu me ko isi se fakalavelave lasi ne tupu ki te system tela e fai ei a faitioga me ne mafaufauga ki tala i loto i konei, mai luga i niisi tino faitau, ko ala
ei o se mafai o ave ne au faitioga ki tala. E fakatoese atu mo te feitu tena kae fakamoemoe te website tenei me ka mafai o faite te mea masei tenei i se taimi mai mua.

Tino faite website

Tuvalu media corporation office

Talofa! Welcome to Tuvalu Media Corporation's website. In this website you will read news that happen on a daily basis in the island country of Tuvalu.

Tuvalu Media Cooperation (TMC) used to be called Broadcasting & information office until 2000 when it was corporatised. It is under the direction of a board of directors comprising 5 directors.

TMC is still a state-ownd organisation because it still recieves a yearly subsidy from the government of Tuvalu which helps in its day-to-day operation. Under the ministry of the office of the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister of the day is the minister concerned for the corporation.

Upon a request from TMC, NGO Tuvalu Overview, which is presided by Shuuichi Endou, has agreed to establish this news site, and in June 2006 the website has launched.

Radio Tuvalu broadcasts on Funafuti, the capital of Tuvalu in the Central Pacific. We broadcast on a frequency of 100.1MHz in the FM broadcast band. We trasmit 3 times a day. Transmission hours are ;in the morning: 6:30am - 8:00am; afternoon: 11:25am - 1:00pm; evening: 6:25pm - 10:00pm.

When Radio Tuvalu is off the air, BBC comes on.

Hi I'm Silafaga.

A big Fakafetai Lasi goes out to NGO Tuvalu Overview for its enormous help in establishing this website. Tuvaluans worldwide wouldn't be able to be updated on current news from the island if it wasn't for Tuvalu Overview.

To the readers, I hope you find this site helpful (especially Tuvaluans overseas), in overcoming homesickness, and that this serves its purpose of informing you of happenings in Tuvalu.

I will be responsible (with the help of Mr. Shuuichi Endou, and Shozo Tsunashima) for editing and updating news onto the site. My fellow journalist colleagues at the office (their names suitably acknowledged) and I, research and report all news items that you read.

Without further ado I release you to go and READ! ENJOY!

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